General introduction

The purpose of this administration site is to enable both staff and students in the department of Chemistry to easy access web sites related to their work and study. Some of the sites listed are hosted by the University whilst other reside on the cPanel server.

In June 2009 cPanel accounts were moved to a new server Descartes which allowed encryption of web pages accessed using the https:// prefix instead of the usual http:// prefix. Consequently it is now possible to access cPanel sites using a secure link, a concept most people are familiar with from on-line shopping. To see the difference between a secure link and a unsecure link in your browser, click on the buttons below. Most browsers generally display a padlock showing that the page is secure; however the position of the padlock depends upon the browser being used.


To enter the administration site, click on the picture of the department of Chemistry shown below.

The Dainton Building and the Richard Roberts building at night - click to entry site

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